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Pierre Cardin goes electronique. Happy 10th Birthday LegoLand. New England photographer travels in time. Blue Dolphin sells subs on the e-shore.  [more]


 The Inner Tenor of David Brenner

David Brenner is America's hottest young comedian. You don't have to take our word for it. No less an organization than the American Guild of Variety Artists recently named David the Male Comedy Entertainer of the Year.  [more]

  The Left Reverend McD

The first time I met Eugene McDaniels, he was squatting on the floor of his apartment in the West Side of Manhattan. He partook of some yogurt. [morer]

Nate Johnson Takes the Plunge

This movie photographer immersed himself in his work. It was the water  -- thousands of gallons of water,     five colossal tanks of water.  [more]



Planning  For Impulse

Yes, people buy magazines on impulse; but here's how you can  trigger the impulse [more]  

Happy Talk

In a few weeks you’ll cross the briny to meet prospects and possible strategic partners. But whoops! The only word you know in their language is “'duh.'” [more]



Ultimate Guide to Indies

Pause for a moment and say a prayer for independent record companies. They are to music what Ben & Jerry are to rain forests; what Tom & Jerry are to violence; and what Dean & Jerry were to comedy. [more]



Giving Ballroom a Whirl

Was it so recently that ballroom dancing seemed to be a poignant curiosity -- not unlike the study of Latin or the display of good manners?".[more]




Why It's Hard to
Have a Really Cool Revolution 

 "Ben Franklin"
           "Hello Ben, This is Samuel Adams. I just wanted to - -"
            "Hi Sam, hold on. I just have to get off this other call." [more]